Snorkel Puerto Morelos

Close observation of marine life and underwater landscapes in the Arrecife de Puerto Morelos National Park.

Snorkeling is considered an activity to pass the time and not as a sport, suitable for young and old, alone or with your family.

Sales of the white sands of Puerto Morelos to delve into the immense and dense sea. The boat ride is pleasant with the sun on your skin, the salty sea breeze that fills your lungs, you can feel that peace despite being in a group with people who do not know and who do not speak your language. The people in charge make the recommended recommendations as we continue on the boat. With the life jacket, the fins and the mask, you should be ready to enter the sea.

It may be the tide of the strong sea or relaxing alterations of the nerves and how they control you. When you relax and find your rhythm to move forward is when you start to really enjoy this experience, you enjoy the color of the coral reefs, the schools of different fish, the guides say that if you are lucky you can get to turtles in their season . My luck led me to a shy lobster which I could only see its antennae, an admirer of the different types of snails and marvel at colorful and shaped fish that you can only see in some books.

One of the recommendations he considers most important is that <we must be careful>, the guide that indicates that if you broke a coral on the reef, it died. I found adrenaline when I passed these beings that seemed not to be alive under the sea. But they are, and among them live those colorful fish.

You come back tired, with the burning skin of the sun and sea salt. You come back with more knowledge of the animals we live with in this world, you come back with a big smile from having been there.