Boca del Puma Cenote

Boca del Puma is the pioneer of the tour of zip lines, ATVs and cenote swimming in the Cancun area and the Riviera Maya.

The tours they offer are a true jungle adventure, history and culture while protecting wildlife and trees.

Zip Lines

Enjoy 7 incredible zip lines and feel the adrenaline as you fly over the canopy of the trees of the great Mayan jungle world famous for its magnificent flora and fauna.

Our dual cable lines are unique and make a big difference by offering you the most safety, speed and fun.


Travel a challenging circuit on our ATVs following our guides.

Delve deep into the jungle on this tour and drive over rocks, dirt and mud in an adventure that will fill you with excitement.


Swim in the crystal clear waters of one of the most beautiful Mayan cenotes. Admire beautiful stalactite formations, formed by the ancient filtration of water, as well as the wonderful vegetation that surrounds them.

Boca del Puma EcoPark is a place you cannot miss during your visit to Cancun and the Riviera Maya. Definitely a great opportunity to cool off and relax!